Different Types Of Perfumes And How To Decide Which One’s For You

Just like how all of us look different, speak different and have different personalities, our preferences when it comes to perfumes also vary. You may like heavier, muskier, woody scents whereas your girlfriend may prefer something light and floral. But sometimes, just like the experiences we have been through and the lessons in life shape us into who we are, where you grew up or live may also affect your scent preference. For example, studies show that a lot of individuals in the Middle East enjoy heavier, more musky perfumes compared to people living in European countries, who prefer lighter scents and perfumes. Read below to know more about the different types of scents and how you can decide which one of them is going to be your signature scent.

Floral scents

This is probably the largest and most popular fragrance category. Floral perfumes usually get inspiration from several different types of flowers such as jasmine, gardenias, roses, etc. These aromas are also considered to be sweet smelling and feminine and is perfect if you want to add a feminine, romantic touch to your look. Floral scents such as lavender is very popular in aromatherapy diffuser Australia treatments as well, because they help with deep relaxation and can calm the mind. These may be used in oil form and applied to the temples of the individual and to the different pressure points, but they are also used in candles that, when burned, can fill the whole room with the beautiful scent of lavender. 

Woody scents

These scents are warm and add an intimate touch unlike the romantic, soft, sweet smelling floral perfumes. Woody scents are more sophisticated and are mostly preferred by older woman as other scents can sometimes smell too young. Some examples of common woody scents would be cinnamon and sandalwood. If you want to test out a woody perfume to decide if it is the one for you, you can try buying smaller sample sizes of popular woody perfumes and use it over the course of a week or more before you invest in the full size as perfumes can get very expensive. But if you know you already love woody scents, and you are trying to find more ways to incorporate them into your life, you can try woody scented pure essential oils such as sandalwood!

Oriental scents

Oriental perfumes are a mix musky and earthy scents. Ingredients like amber, musk, oud and cinnamon may be found in these scents and they are also considered to be very seductive. These perfumes are heavy, strong and luxurious and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd