The History Of Arched Windows

Windows come in different shapes and sizes. Some are small, some comes with a sash while some could be a sliding windows. There could be some made of wood and you might even find another being an operating system. Whatever it is, arched windows is one of the most elegant types of windows that are mostly used in sophisticated venues. Below are some interesting facts about the history of arched windows.

Back In Time

If we travel back to the ancient times, it is very clear that Romans initiated the arch architectural windows in any building they built. Not only windows, the Romans incorporated these in walls as well. An arc consists of a semi-circle on top which gives the whole atmosphere a great finish. The round edges creates a sophisticated look that sharp edges. Perhaps this is the reason why this was designed in the first place. If you look at most architecture done by the Romans, you will see that this design is commonly used.

The Science behind an Arch

What makes ordinary double hung windows different from these arch type windows? The most common answer would be the outlook of it where the architectural windows would have round edges. However, there is a scientific reason behind this as well. This is where the impressive physics used by Romans come into play. Am arch is not easy to be built. If it’s not designed properly, the gravity will cause the arch to collapse. There is a complicated relationship between how the gravity is forced down to the ground and if you are planning on building an arch, it’s best to research and read on the force and thrust relationship connected to an arch. It will not only help you gain knowledge, you will be able to build an arch that doesn’t collapse. Arch de Triomphe Elegance, sophistication and complexity can all be used to describe an arch and arch windows. Sometimes these type of doorways and windows are seen in churches and royal palaces. An arch can be built to celebrate victory as well. One of the most famous monuments in France is the best example for this. This was built after the end of the First World War. There are other places like Greece where an arch is built to celebrate victory. A visit to the Europe will give you a firsthand experience and understanding how commonly this is used and how wonderful it make the overall architecture look.

There are so many things that we can learn in this world, starting from a caterpillar to the world biggest monument. If you decided to research on an arch simply because you need to build an arch window to your house, you would have now realized that you have learnt the history and even the physics behind it just by doing a bit of research!