If you have also faced the clogged gutter system by debris, leaves, stones or any other kind of these elements then you need to know that it is time for you to install a gutter guard. This will save you from the problems of blocked and clogged drainages as well as frequent cleaning of the gutter. The gutter guard installation could be done by yourself with number of things and could also be done by hiring the professional.

Gutter guard installation:

The professional gutter guard installation in blue mountains could be hired through website or your local plumber could also perform this job for you and these will cost you around 15 to 17 dollars and this is the kind of the installation that is better handled by the professional in order for it to be durable and effective because many times when people install it by themselves, it comes off in a few time.

What are the types of gutter guards?

There are majorly three kinds of the gutter guards most famous in the market and each one of these are known for their own benefits but it is important that you make some consideration before getting the one you want.

Screen gutter guards:

This gutter guard installation is done by the lifting the bottom and then sliding the shingles to hold it. This is one of the easiest to install and are inexpensive as well. These are mostly suitable for keeping the leaves out. But because these are not screwed therefore, these could be taken off by high winds or any kind of animal especially the rodent could move it and get in. These are usually made from plastic and therefore can break easily. Some warranties are not applicable in the case of the screen gutter guards so consider all these things before you decide to install it.

Mesh gutter guards:

These are also similar to the screen gutter guard but it is screwed and has different installation and therefore, it is used to not only block the leaves but also the debris. There are two materials in these, either it is plastic or metal and this one is also easy to install and inexpensive as well as light in weight and have various price range depending on the quality but these can also be damaged with the ice and falling branches.

Reverse curve:

These are the kind of the gutter guards manufactured from the plastic or some lightweight metal and the water does not directly flow on them but flows in the curve and this is the reason it has been named as the reverse curve. The installation of this is a little tricky and this needs to be installed on the angle of slope on the roof. In this gutter guard, there are many colours available that ranges from white, to almond to grey and usually it requires professional to install these properly.