Flowers are so precious and who doesn’t love them? Everyone does because of the way flowers smell no one can resist them. Many people have their garden where the number of flowers grows every day and some of them sell the flowers as they have a flower shop and some of them grow as a hobby but there are some strict precautions which they need to follow so they can save themselves from unnecessary disease and flowers too. 

 Flowers are the most beautiful creature and nobody can deny it but there are few things which a person needs to do if he is running a flower shop in Carlton or have garden where beautiful flowers grow to save them from all the insects and pesticides because these insects affect them and make them look ugly and it is harmful to the person who is going to get flowers and keeping that flowers at home.  

Cover the flowers  

When flowers in East Melbourne are growing they are sensitive they need extra protection some of them get ruined because of the heat and some of them because of extra cold weather so what you need to do cover them properly so they have a long life and you can enjoy the company of flowers. 

Spray to remove pesticide  

Pests and other insect are very commonly found in the plants and they easy take place there if you don’t show care towards the plants so you need to work on it and control the pests for that it is always preferable to do spray (insect spray specially made to protect the flower) so you can save the flower. For example, you run a flower shop and this is the only source of your income so you don’t want to ruin your flowers which stop your earning so you need to protect your flowers efficiently so your flowers stay fresh and without any pesticides, if somehow pesticides take place it will be dangerous not for you in fact for the customers as well because when they purchase flowers from you either they have to give them to someone or want to keep it at home these flowers spread the disease and give serious allergies and if customer sue you then you have to shut down your flower shop. 


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